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Car Tint and Window Film in Mooresville, North Carolina

Tinted auto windows are becoming increasingly popular among American drivers. Firstly they give your vehicle a custom-built look, and secondly they can reduce heat absorption by as much as 60%, a major factor to consider during the hot Carolina summers.

Here at TNT Auto Glass we are highly skilled in the professional application of window tints, it is one of our specialties. We have been in business in Mooresville, North Carolina, since 2007 and serve the towns and cities within a wide area. Our technicians have a combined experience of more than 20 years so we have a high degree of expertise at hand.

Tinted car windows not only cool down the inside of a vehicle and block ultraviolet and infrared rays, they also reduce the glare from the rays of the sun as well as daytime reflections, street lights and oncoming headlights.

In the case of an accident the auto tint film can trap shattered glass and prevent it hitting the driver and passengers. It also makes it difficult for potential thieves to see what’s inside a car if they are looking in the window.

The technicians at TNT Auto Glass only use the highest quality tinting material when they apply the window film to your vehicle. They are all fully certified workers, they will serve you in a professional manner, and all the work they do carries a lifetime guarantee. We will also handle all your insurance and claim paperwork to save you the hassle involved.

At TNT Auto Glass we offer the best mobile tinting service in the Mooresville area so if you want your vehicle to have the additional protection of a car window tint – or just want your vehicle to look cool – then contact us on (704) 240-2530. You won’t regret the call.

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